Crown Prince Academy

ECDC Overview

The ECDC enrols children from Playgroup (18 months) to KG (5 years). The centre provides solid foundations where confidence is developed, enquiry encouraged, and love for learning is established.

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Learners arrive at 7:30am and close at 3:30pm. They are made to feel welcome, valued as individuals and encouraged to experience all the fundamental aspects of the curriculum in order to help them develop holistically. Our young learners are recognized and celebrated on their achievements for them to become independent, learn effectively, and develop their confidence.

CPA believes that the first years of a child’s education are vital for developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills and, as such, we have created an environment in which our young learners feel empowered to ask questions, and are safe to meet challenges head on.

The staffs are qualified Early Childhood Education teachers who work closely as a team as well as with colleagues from other departments within the school.

Our small class sizes in the centre allow learners to progress at their own pace, whilst ensuring that each learner receives the needed individual attention and careful guidance they need to reach their potential.

The centre carefully makes decisions and plans to encourage the development of the skills needed for a smooth transition into our Lower Primary as confident, independent learners who bring with them a joy of learning.