Crown Prince Academy

ecdc Curriculum

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The ECDC curriculum focuses on active learning to provide experiences that promote development and learning. Activities are planned to develop emotional, personal and social skills, science and discovery, physical play, manipulative skills, domestic and imaginative play, language and numeric experiences, drama and creative activities. Our tailored hands-on curriculum provides an exciting and fun relationship with learning. The curriculum is designed to challenge and stimulate our philosophy: Knowledge, Imagination and Success.

language & literacy

Language and Literacy are distinct domains that reflect children’s growing skills as they begin to grasp differences between spoken and written language. The ECDC therefore lays the foundation for reading and writing. Learners are taught every day to develop a strong base on which their reading, spelling and writing skills are enhanced. They are guided through varied literacy tools to build vocabulary, and increase their creativity. English Language is the main subject while sounds of alphabets and names of objects in French are introduced in Nursery 2, to the four-year olds.


Acquisition of numeracy skills at the foundation stage builds a learner’s mathematical confidence to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in his or her everyday activities. Numbers, Counting sequences, Description of numbers and Relationship are introduced to learners because CPA has a firm believe that skills acquired in numeracy are crucial for accessing the broader curriculum, for everyday tasks.

natural science

Teaching Natural Science is not an option for our Early Childhood Development Centre but taught as a compulsory subject. We understand that Natural Science is an extension of young learners’ everyday life therefore; we guide them to wonder, discover, explore and have fun through play when discussing Living and Non-Living Things. Our ECDC educators create amazing experiences that have a lasting impact on our learners throughout their entire nursery education.

our world our people

Learners at their formative stage need guidance to appreciate themselves as unique individuals and a sense of belongingness. We train our nursery children to develop awareness of the people in their immediate environment and the wider community, and also enhance their moral perspectives and values. Through nature walks, story-telling and games, learners explore and show appreciation of plants, animals and the physical environment. As a non-denominational school, we welcome children and families of all faiths. CPA believes that in order for children to be tolerant and respectful of differences they first have to learn what those differences are. The curriculum introduces Religious and Moral Education to learners for them to establish values such as compassion, integrity, diversity, and understand how to cooperate with each other.

creative Art

It is essential to develop the whole child, but not just his or her academic ability. Creative art actively engages a learner’s imagination through art, dance, dramatic play puppetry, and music.  In view of this, the ECDC encourages creativity through rich programmes across all domains; cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical. Learners participate in fine art, dance, dramatic play, puppetry, and music. Activities performed in Creative Art help learners to monitor and accept their own feelings, and value their creativity even when it’s messy. Learners are encouraged to complete tasks in order to ensure growth and maturation of their fine and gross motor skills.

physical education

The ECDC believes that early childhood is the ideal time for acquiring fundamental motor skills because it is during this unique period that children build the basic movement abilities that are the foundation for learning more complex movement skills later in life. At this stage, learners go through several developmental steps to learn how to coordinate their movements into efficient running, throwing, catching, and so on. Just like in all subjects, our ECDC learners are offered appropriate opportunities to develop their motor skills to become proficient in them. We provide age-appropriate toys and equipment for their developmental level. They learn tolerance, confidence, team spirit, endurance and how to wait for their turn in order to achieve their holistic development and well-being.