Crown Prince Academy

How to Apply

To apply to the school you will need to complete our Application Form per child. Please note that this is not a commitment from you to accept a place, nor does it confirm that your child will be offered a place

Applications forms should can submitted by filled out online application form, hard copies brought to the School Office, or picked up and filled from admissions office with the following supporting information for each student:

  • An official copy of the previous years’ school reports. A minimum of 2 years’ reports are required if applicable
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate and identity card or passport
  • 2 recent colour passport-size photograph of the child.
  • 1 set of passport-size photograph of the parents.
  • A copy of parents’ identity cards, passports and name cards.
  • A copy of any special medical reports if relevant and any educational needs assessments.
  • If company sponsored, a commercial letter accepting financial responsibility. As such if payment of fees is to be done by parents or guardian, a financial agreement form would be signed with us.

Assessments are conducted in school, by appointment. For families based overseas, it is possible for the assessment to be taken online. There is a non-refundable examination fee of GH150 per child

The assessment information and requirements will be communicated to you prior to the assessment

Following the assessment stage, our Heads of departments and our Principals are provided with all application information and assessment results to review and confirm their recommendations for a place at CPA

The above process usually takes between 7 – 14 school days to process. We will confirm whether we are able to offer your child a place at Crown Prince Academy verbally as soon as possible. We will also send you written confirmation of the offer of a place, class placement and admission date.

We ask that you confirm your acceptance of an offer with the school within 7 days of receipt of our offer letter. Having received your signed confirmation, we will then confirm your child’s place in their class, raise an invoice for the fees and provide you with all the information required for starting school.

Students will not be admitted to the school unless a signed letter of offer has been received and all fees have been paid in advance.

Should a student not attend school within three weeks from the date he/she is expected to start, the student’s name will be taken off the list and the application fee forfeited. If subsequently a place is still required, a new application and fee will be mandatory.