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About Crown Prince Academy

Crown Prince Academy is a leading learning Private Basic School that provides a safe, secure, stimulating and happy environment to allow learners to develop to their full potential. Our unique curriculum is designed to develop learners who are problem solvers, have the ability to think creatively and have both the confidence and competence to participate fully in society as responsible Ghanaians and global citizens.                                                              

In line with our vision to be the leading learning institution that fosters creativity innovation and individuality, CPA currently runs the Ghana Education Service Curriculum but with blended international contents: Global Perspectives, Leadership Skills, and Public Speaking, for our learners to excel as world leaders.

To ensure that learners are well equipped to excel as the world of technology and education constantly evolves, we adopted a technology-driven learning to support different learning requirements and varied needs of our students. Our teaching strategy engages a Blended Learning Approach which combines traditional face-to-face learning with e-Learning culture to enable learners reach their full potential. Every learner has different needs and learning styles so, with this education approach, they have greater flexibility of learning at their own pace.

Every key level provides building blocks for higher levels of education; laying a strong foundation for inquiry, creativity and innovation, and lifelong learning in general. With this, certain topics and areas are repeated across year groups, enabling learners to revisit a particular topic in a year of learning but with a different focus at each time.

Our curriculum is extended through co-curricular activities and school clubs: German, Sports, Taekwondo, Reading & Debating, Sewing, Sign Language, Drama, Wildlife Club and Culture, on Wednesdays and Fridays to develop their interests and talents. Learners who are academically gifted or who have a talent in co-curricular activities are given the opportunity to take a lead at school events.

CPA protects and guides learners, and makes them aware of the demands and pitfalls of the world. With this in mind, we enforce discipline through our positive discipline tools: Communication, Detentions, DEAR time, Counselling, Dining etiquette, to foster the positive values of teamwork and personal social responsibility as lessons for later life. We promote an attitude of achievement, tolerance, compassion and understanding and, therefore, there are high expectations of good manners and good behaviour from every learner no matter their age.

Through our 8Cs: care, character, collaboration, communication, confidence, creativity, competition and community spirit, we guide learners to appreciate social values and imbibe good manners for their own physical and socio-cultural wellbeing.

Most of all, throughout everything we do, we aim to develop each learner’s abilities so that they progress to the next level as confident and independent learners who have self-motivation towards learning.