Crown Prince Academy

Junior High Curriculum

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The JHS system at the CPA is enhanced by a co-curriculum to ensure student’s all-round development and to develop their gifts and talents. The co-curriculum is delivered mainly in a way that is very inspiring  and  in cooperative learning groups and is taught in an engaging and interactive way.  

Group work, presentations, and speaking and listening skills are developed. Apart from creating an atmosphere that fosters excellence at the BECE, students are also intentionally prepared for the future through a thorough learner-centered teaching pedagogies.


The aim of this course is to make all students computer literate. Basic keyboard skills are taught in Form 1 followed by application software such as word processing,spreadsheets etc. Students are then encouraged to apply what they’ve learned in their studies.

english language

The aim of the syllabus is to help students develop effective oral and written communication skills in standard English and to lay the foundation for the SHS course. Teaching concentrates on equipping students with basic reading and writing skills. As part of this process, the mechanics of the language including spelling, grammar and punctuation are covered.

The course is also crafted to develop the habit of reading texts other than for academic purposes, thus broadening the scope of comprehension, self-expression and appreciation of literary works and their authors.


Equal attention is given to both written and oral work in the language, and assessments will be based on these two aspects. Students entering Form1 do not need any background in French although it is an advantage.


The course covers an overview of the history of Ghanaians, and the world from its origins to the present time, to equip students with skills for understanding and analysing historical, social and scientific information.


In Forms 1, 2 and 3, students begin preparation for the BECE syllabus.The Course covers the basic concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, set theory, graphs, probability and statistics. It aims at helping students to acquire these concepts,the basic skills in handling them and their application in practical tasks and real life problems, and are used at all stages.

integrated science (Physics , chemistry, biology & agriculture)

In Forms 1 to 3, students take Biology, Chemistry and using an experimental and practical approach to the subjects.

basic design & technology

Basic Design and Technology (BDT) is a course that integrates knowledge in the area of Home Economics, Pre-Technical Skills and that of Visual Arts in attempt to address our national developmental needs.

The course seeks, among others, to instill in students at the Junior High School Level the techniques of designing and applying simple technologies to solving petty  problems that engulfs us as a nation and as families and individuals. The BDT programs are delivered at CPA in a way to promote essential skills in entrepreneurship and leadership so that all learners are motivated to strive for excellence.

Non Examination Subjects


Students are taught the various forms of art and art vocabulary. They are also taught to scrutinise and analyse objects and solve basic problems in drawing, painting, design and craft.

They learn various techniques and explore traditional methods as well as computer art.

physical education

The emphasis is on fitness and learning of the skills to play various games such as hockey, basketball, soccer, handball, etc. as well as prepare for track and field events at our annual Sports Day held at the end of term two.

Only those with a written medical excuse are exempted from PE.


The course is currently focusing on generating student interest. It seeks to teach students some music theory and how to play an instrument.

 It incorporates the Three Strands of listening, performing and composing.