Yaa Prince-BoatenG


Yaa Prince-Boateng has been overseeing the key Human Resources functions in the organization since its incorporation in June of 2016. As a Human Resource Manager she makes it her priority to add value to the Organization. The people are her primary concern and she ensures that the company employs the right balance of staff in terms of skill and experience.


In this role, Yaa is focused on understanding the business objective and implementing policies and procedures which attracts, selects, develops and retains the right members to achieve set objectives.  She believes that workers play an important role in creating an organization’s culture, therefore, finding the right fit and empowering them to become engaged in their daily activities falls right under her daily target.


Prior to joining Crown Prince Academy in June 2016, she attended the University of Waterloo where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arts with a minor in Human Resource Management and Management Studies. Before her studies at the University of Waterloo, she studied for a year at Munich Business School majoring in International Business.

Alongside acquiring an education, Yaa developed a career for herself in the service industry. Her passion for people has only carried on since and would only continue to evolve.