Crown Prince Academy

Upper Primary Overview

Our Upper Primary students follow the Ghana Education Service curriculum appropriately modified to provide an international dimension. English and mathematics are regarded as the foundation subjects and receive the largest time allocation from the class teacher, with daily lessons.

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In the classroom our teachers use dynamic marking which happens live and provides students with instant feedback on areas of work to focus on. Our teachers are continuously assessing and tracking individual progress, ensuring that learning in personalized and opportunities are not missed.

It is important for us that our students are able to think globally, work well in groups and be confident enough to take their own path where necessary. Our curriculum gives students the skills and knowledge they will need for the transition into the Junior High School and their further education, as well as making a strong and positive contribution to society. As an all-through school, we benefit from opportunities to make the transition from Primary to Junior High School smoother.

At CPA we believe that music can play a transformational role in your child’s education, promoting cultural literacy, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. In the Upper Primary School our students enjoy weekly music lessons.

Our computer science teachers teach ICT in our computer suites and Physical Education is taught by our dedicated PE teachers.