Crown Prince Academy

Susanne Prince-Boateng - Managing Director

Susanne is the co-founder of CPA, Susanne brings more than 25 years of experience as an educationist and passion into her school, she is constantly looking for ways to improve the educational experience for both the students and teachers. Her vision of operating a 21st century school that focuses on the role of technology in our lives is a necessity. Susanne never settles for mediocrity and makes it a point to encourage others to strive for excellence.

 Her ultimate goal is to see CPA move from theory based learning to more practical aspects of teaching and learning. She is a visionary who is meticulous in her planning and steps towards realizing her goals. She has made great impacts on the lives of many and to her that is only the tip of the ice berg. Updating her knowledge and credentials is a constant for Susanne who can always be seen reading and researching. Her major contributions to the daily running of CPA is one of the reasons for all of its accomplishments.

 Susanne is and will always be the ‘mother’ of CPA. Her level of knowledge, enthusiasm and involvement in education is unmatched. Susanne is a key player not only in CPA but in education in Ghana as a whole. She has held many executive positions in various professional association such as the Greater Accra Regional Daycare Centers Association (GARDCCA), Early Childhood Development Centers Association of Ghana (ECDCAG) etc. Currently Susanne is the treasurer of the International Spouses Association Ghana (ISAG).  Her expertise is also sought after when assessing staff in various organizations for Neogenics Education Award Ceremony.

 Over the years, Susanne has gained many qualifications in the educational sector which has built her credentials not only as an educationist but as a consultant too. She holds an associate degree in Early Childhood Education, Penn Foster College, Neogenics Educational Consultant (2014), and Thomson Education Direct (Penn Foster College) Diploma in Child Day Care Management.

Prior to the birth of CPA, Susanne was a Pediatric nurse by profession. She graduated from Pediatric School of Nursing (Hamburg). She also earned a degree at women technical school for nutrition and home economics (Hamburg).Susanne has attended numerous workshops and seminars related to business, education and leadership.