Crown Prince Academy

Melody Jabakhanji - Operations Manager

Melody an alumni of Crown Prince Academy (CPA) is an individual who thrives on the excitement of the students of CPA. It is her ultimate joy to see students active and ready to gain some knowledge. It is imperative to Melody that the school provides all the materials needed to facilitate a successful lesson and she makes certain of that. She has such enthusiasm and interest in all matters that include the development of a child. Her creative thinking and insightful inputs contributes to the success of this institution. 

Melody knows that the success of a child does not depend solely on academic performance so she takes interest in the lives of students outside of school. She has built a level of trust among students which allows them to open up about any issues hindering their progress. Melody uses all the information she knows to find the best possible solution to develop children in such cases. She encourages both parents and guardians to pay more attention to the growth of their children.  

She acts as an overseer of daily operations within the school and is key in decision making.  Melody is also in charge of representing and liaising with other educational bodies both in and outside of Ghana. In her projections, CPA will soon run exchange programs with schools abroad starting with Canada. As the CEO of a start- up fashion label (Afua), Melody is very passionate about entrepreneurship and seeks every opportunity to encourage students to start their own businesses. 

She currently runs a natural hair care line business AfuaAsantewaagh under the company name Krafty Afrika, a platform that markets and promotes the work of African artisans.

She has held management (Nordstrom, Providence, RI.) and marketing positions (Mas-Tek Engineering, Dallas Tx.) in her previous places of employment and uses the knowledge gained to relate to both staff and students. She has such impeccable people relation skills which is very beneficial in this human based institution.   

Melody holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bryant University (Rhode Island, USA) in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Communications. Melody will use any opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience in the educational field so she can better serve her students. 

Melody credits her will to strive for greatness on the foundation of education She received at Crown Prince Academy.