MALCOLM Prince-Boateng


Malcolm an alumni of CPA is one of the brains behind the continuous improvement on the educational experience of the students of CPA. He is always on the lookout for the next best method of teaching and learning that he believes will help the children enjoy their lessons more.


He believes in the power of motivation and therefore makes it a point to hold empowerment sessions with the students every Wednesday morning. This genius idea has really improved the scope of thinking of these students, they now understand the power of their thoughts and actions and this has reflected in their performances in school.


As the general manager of CPA, Malcolm handles all aspects of CPA, such as; academics, maintenance, staff, infrastructure etc. He works closely with the finance manager to plan financial goals of the institution.

Malcolm has an ideal imagination of how he envisions CPA in the next few years, and he will stop at nothing until we achieve it. The driving force behind making his vision a reality is the children he interacts with on a daily basis; Malcolm has even earned the nickname ‘daddy’ from the children.


As an advocate for entrepreneurship, Malcolm has two start-up companies under his belt, (ideabugs) an IT software and application development company which recently designed the website ( Verdagro is the other start-up which deals in import and export of locally produced fruits and vegetables in Ghana.

Before starting with CPA, Malcolm held a management position in a cosmetic manufacturing company. This really helped build his knowledge on people’s skills and management which he applies to how he handles the students of CPA.


Malcolm is also key in decision making regarding the operational aspect of the school.

He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Applied Science and a certificate in Telecom Engineering from Ghana Technology University. Malcolm has plans on furthering his knowledge in education