Crown Prince Academy

Kwame Prince-Boateng - CEO

Kwame Prince-Boateng, co-founder of CPA, beat the odds of owning a school despite his own educational background.

 After dropping out of grade six due to lack of finances, it has been a dream come true for him to own an educational institution where others can have access to quality education at an affordable rate. A lot can be said about his perseverance and will to be successful regardless of the environment he grew up in. He serves as an epitome of a success story of an individual who had no support financially nor emotionally to pursue his dreams.

 Seeking solutions to challenges is something that Kwame excels at. His philosophy is to view ‘problems’ as challenges and to channel the energy spent on complaining into finding solutions. This school of thought has been extremely helpful in the development of CPA both internally and externally. He never hesitates to pass on his perspective on life and how he has handled life’s various challenges to the students and staff of CPA.

 To Kwame, his greatest accomplishment is creating a platform where children can have guidance to not only learn and sharing knowledge but to work on their own individual talents. Kwame’s interpersonal skill is one of the reasons why CPA has such a high student and staff retention rate. He uses every chance he gets to touch base with his clients to really understand their needs and wants.

Kwame’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to businesses in other fields such as real estate and farming. He is currently the director of KINDOFF Company limited, a commercial space in the busy area of the capital (Accra), owner of Prince-Boateng Farms and director of Crown Prince Construction Limited.